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Located under the 59th St Bridge in Manhattan
Sutton East Tennis club has been in operation for 30 years. The 8 red clay courts our housed within a 45,000 square foot air structure specifically designed to offer players plenty of back court space and towering ceilings.
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Register at SuttonEastTennis.com - Green tab on upper left hand corner of site.
Sutton East Tennis club is launching an updated website!
The site will enable members to enroll in programs, receive updates, find open court times and eventually book and pay for everything online.
There are 4 reasons a person should join www.suttoneasttennis.com
1. To book a tennis court or schedule a lesson
2. To sign up for events on our calendar.  A daily, weekly and monthly calendar will keep members abreast of what’s going on at Sutton East Tennis.
3. To use the Find-A-Game system – where our system automatically matches players of specific interest and playing level.
4. To allow the system to “auto-fill” signup forms used in order to save clients time in the enrollment process.
Signup is Simple:
All a user needs is:
Valid Email Address
Why are we asking clients to signup themselves?
To assure accuracy and allow clients to opt in and opt out of programs it is essential to give them the tools the need to get the most from our club.
Clients can choose the programs they desire information from and update their preferences at anytime. If we have your email there is a good chance you will receive correspondence from us asking you to sign up for the site.  Your email address will be deleted from our system after the initial email.
We intend on placing all the enrollment forms on the website incase you want to print out a copy.  We will continue to employ a full time desk staff to answer any questions that may come up.  We’re confident you’ll find the site to be helpful.